Advantage with Simulation

Advantage factors received by performing a simulation:

    • Shorter time-to-market.
    • Test of several ideas before prototyping.
    • Reduced cost for prototyping.
    • Increased environmental responsibility.
    • Increased customer goodwill.


Extended advantage factors received from a Specma SimSystem simulation project:

    • Geometrical space needed for hose to move safely (Exported as geometry to be implemented in your model).
    • Relative coupling construction angle.
    • Optimal type of coupling.
    • Hose routing in 3-D with minimized risk of twisting the hose.
    • Optimal hose length for specific application.
    • Mapping of occuring minimum bending radius over motion path.


These advantage factors will be guidance and assistance to ensure that your application performs at its best with maximum hose system life length.

We at Specma SimSystem have listened and attended to our customers needs. Our co-operation way of working has left them with enhanced knowledge about their own hose system. And throughout the whole process they have enjoyed working so close with us.


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