This is Specma SimSystem

Specma SimSystem; where experienced simulation engineers use component characteristics measured by Specma Testcenter to perform accurate simulations of the hydraulic hose systems. This simulation will evaluate if current/proposed installation is shortening life length of the hose system.

After a simulation there is a lot of important information to receive e.g. how much space the hose need during motion, what’s the best angular relationship between two angled couplings and what’s the optimal hose length.

All this information is summarized into a technical report containing graphs, movies and recommendation for possible optimizations to be done. We give further technical guidance to guarantee a scenario where our customer maximizes their advantage with the information received.

A good example of such scenario:

The first simulation concludes that changes are necessary to maximize hose system life length. We work together on a possible solution and test out different ideas that you want to test. When we find the best way for the hose routing, we simulate and optimize it fully with hoses, couplings, pressure and generate another technical report. This report strengthens you internally at your company, as it shows visual and clear results from the project.