Way of thinking is Developing

Hydraulic as source of power is challenged by electricity, servo motors, pneumatics and increased environmental demands. We at Specma SimSystems want to raise the level of trust given to a hydraulic solution!

A hydraulic hose system can be directed into imminent failure when wrongly installed on the machine. We must avoid this to meet the market demand for minimized risk of leakage and a trustworthy hose system where uptime is critical factor.

This strive is why we at Specma SimSystems see a development in the hydraulic way of thinking. Companies have been logging downtime failure causes, and we are told that top reason in every application is hose system failure. This statistic realization triggers internal work to adapt and deliver reliable hydraulic hose systems. And there is no coincidence that these companies are co-operating with Specma SimSystems.

In the past, the most important thing for a customer buying hoses was the end price and that was it. This way of thinking has evolved and construction/design engineers realize that integration of hose systems from the start will give so much of the solution from the start. A realization that you can create a hydraulic system where the weakest link is not the hose.

Design engineers see several advantage points with integration of hose in early phase.
System downtime caused by hydraulic hose after extensive abrasion damage.