Get it right from day one. Simulate first.

Designing a robust, durable and efficient hydraulic hose system for heavy equipment or demanding industrial environments is a challenge. Simply put, there are just too many variables and unknowns at play. The traditional trial-and-error process to test a hydraulic system before deploying it in the field is booth a time- and cost-consuming endeavour. Not anymore. Specma SimSystems will get your hose routing optimized from day one.

This is how you simulate first.

  1. Together we discuss the hydraulic hose system and set objectives, scope and parameters for the project.
  2. You provide design specifications, models and choice of components in the hydraulic hose system.
  3. We measure the mechanical characteristics of your components in our test lab.
  4. Using your component characteristics and specifications we simulate your system.
  5. We provide you with a report and recommendations for optimization.

Who can benefit from Specma SimSystems?

Any OEMs using hydraulic/fluid/air conveyance products will benefit from our comprehensive hydraulic hose simulating system. Especially OEMs that have:

  • a need of world class R&D support and prototyping.
  • a need of optimizing life span of their hydraulic hose system.
  • a need of increasing pressure rates for higher efficiency.
  • increasing internal fluid and ambient temperatures.
  • a need for more compact routing solutions.
  • leakage problems in their current product program.